Cradlepoint MBR95 Mega-Review Part 1


The MBR95 is part of the newest series of routers put out by Cradlepoint, the leader in the 3G/4G router space. This MBR95 is unique and special because it is the first of the new NetBSD-based routers to be a perfect replacement for your average small business or home wireless router. Join us for the part 1 of the MBR95 Mega-Review.

What Cradlepoint is Doing Right and Why I Use Their Products


I’ve been working as a technology consultant with internet, telephony, mobility, security, and server applications for the better part of ten years. In that time, I’ve worked with many different products and provided those products to my customers. I have frequently searched for the best products in any given field and my thoughts have changed a great deal in that time. As a consultant, I am always looking for products with great features, performance, and stability.

Cradlepoint Releases COR Series of Routers with IBR600 and IBR650 Models

Cradlepoint IBR600

Cradlepoint has been hard at work releasing great products lately. Yesterday, two more routers based on the new NetBSD platform were released. The IBR600 and IBR650 are the first models in the new COR series of integrated broadband routers. Both of these models include a built-in 3G EVDO Rev A modem as their cellular connection and provide enterprise-level features including GPS support.

Cradlepoint 3.3.0 Firmware Released with New Enterprise Features for CBR400, CBR450, CTR35, MBR95, and MBR1400

CradlePoint MBR1400

On Tuesday, Cradlepoint released a new version of its firmware for the new NetBSD-based routers which are the CBR400, CBR450, CTR35, MBR95, and MBR1400. The major new features are GPS support for a large number of modems, ability to load balance two LTE or WiMAX connections, true VLAN support, routing without NAT, and Modem Data Usage tracking. This 3.3.0 release marks the addition of a substantial number of new features and is the most feature-packed release yet.

Reviews Coming Soon: Verizon MiFi 4510L, Cradlepoint MBR1400, MC100W, and MBR95

Verizon MiFi 4510LDigital Stripe has just completed a major move of the company and all equipment. Due to this move, we have been extremely busy and updates have been infrequent. However, some behind-the-scenes work has been going on.

Cradlepoint 3.2.4 Firmware Released with USB551L Support for CBR400, CBR450, CTR35, MBR95, and MBR1400

Cradlepoint CBR400

Today, Cradlepoint released firmware version 3.2.4 for their NetBSD-based routers which include the CBR400, CBR450, CTR35, MBR95, and MBR1400. This firmware release provides additional modem support for a few different modems but most importantly the Novatel USB551L 4G USB modem on Verizon’s network.