Mini Book Review: Learning Ext JS 3.2

I am starting a new series of book reviews. As a technology consultant, I always need to be at the forefront of technology but also have tools at my fingertips for reference. This will be the focus of the book reviews.

Slashdot recently posted a review of the book Learning Ext JS 3.2. I recently picked up the book as well and started reading through it. The book seems to be very well organized and thoroughly explains concepts. When you jump into a new development framework, things may not necessarily be clear.

This book does a good job of clearly building on the foundations so that you have a clear understanding all the way through. This becomes especially helpful once things become more complex. Since I am fairly new to JavaScript frameworks, the organization and step-by-step explanations are very helpful. All in all a great book that I highly recommend.

Learning Ext JS 3.2 is available from